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If you’re enrolled in the Current Channel (Preview) level, which was formerly called Insider Slow, you get a new Office feature update approximately once a month, plus subsequent builds containing important fixes or security updates. The following list shows recent Current Channel (Preview) versions and builds, with the most recently released build listed first. New builds contain all the updates contained in previous builds. To find release notes, see. Also, you can see What’s new for Office Insiders. Fixed an issue that caused CustomUI XML for a custom ribbon tab to be removed when saving to SharePoint/OneDrive.

Workbooks saved with a digital signature in Excel 2016 could have the signature invalidated upon opening in the current version of Excel. Application. Evaluate (VBA) was not working for User-defined functions in some cases. Microsoft OneNote is an advanced, rich-featured note-taking program. It will take information organization to a new level giving a reliable digital notebook that can replace traditional paper notes. Microsoft OneNote gathers such items as notes (both handwritten and drawings), screen clippings, and audio commentaries. That can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network.

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We have investigated and resolved the issue where an Office 365 ProPlus deployment via InTune is paused after an OS shutdown. We fixed an issue in Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Office where certain VBA projects that contain references to code libraries with DBCS characters in the library name or library path would be viewed by the Office application as corrupt on load. This update fixes an issue in Microsoft Office where Visual Basic for Applications projects with references that are expected to be found by searching locations specified in the PATH environment variable may not be found properly at runtime, leading to VBA runtime errors.

Increased the size of the cell reference edit controls on the Custom Error Bars dialogue used with charts. the chart data table could render values in a date axis incorrectly. an issue where page breaks could not be disabled after going into Page Layout or Page Break Preview. where chart line styles could be lost after hiding and unhiding columns with series data. where inserting a column in a filtered list would take longer than expected. a problem with the scaling of checkboxes in form controls when printed. an issue where the external link stops working after the file is reopened if the file path is too long.

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We have resolved the ValidateInstall fail rate issue by setting the Bing Addon to install validation to true by default and considering the MSI return success as an install success. When a user is given a policy that moves them to Teams Only, they were still able to use the Skype for Business Outlook add-in to schedule meetings. After this update, you will no longer be able to schedule Skype for Business meetings after the client reads the policy indicating the user is Teams Only and enters meeting join the only mode. Additionally, the Skype for Business Outlook Add-in will not activate itself while starting up if it sees the Skype for Business client is in a meeting join the only mode.

Office Professional Plus 2023 includes Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, and Skype for Business. There isn’t a 2023 version of OneNote, but OneNote 2016 is available for Office 2023. We recommend that you uninstall existing versions of Office before you deploy Office 2023. If you’re uninstalling previous versions of Office products that were installed with Windows Installer (MSI), the Office Deployment Tool can remove most of those for you as part of the installation of Office 2023. After downloading the installation files, internet access isn’t required to install, activate, or use Office 2023. There isn’t a 2023 version of SharePoint Designer or InfoPath. The last version for both products is 2023.

Key Features:

  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where the ‘OK’ button on the File \ Options dialog displayed as being greyed out but the functionality was not impacted.
  • An issue that users may have experienced when renaming pivot table measures.
  • Fixed an issue where text in a slicer isn’t scaled properly in Print Preview.
  • A performance issue that users may have experienced when using a VBA macro to clear the contents of a range.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the UI to flash when users executed a macro that interacted with the ribbon.
  • An issue where CSV files were loaded incorrectly when the first word in the file was TABLE.
  • Fixed an issue where users may have experienced crashes when switching between two workbooks that had different zoom levels.
  • An issue where CUBEVALUE functions would sometimes return an incorrect result.
  • This change addresses a run-time error in the object model and potential crash of the App (Excel, Word) when Add-ins ask for Host Items on documents/worksheets that contain shapes with select locks.
  • Addresses an issue that caused Outlook users to experience a crash when synchronizing settings.

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/11.
  • Computer and processor: 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, 2-core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM; 2 GB RAM (32-bit)
  • Hard disk: 4.0 GB of available disk space
  • .NET version: Some features may require Microsoft OneNote Suite,
  • Microsoft OneNote Suite Window Version, and higher to also be installed
  • Languages: English, German, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese-Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian

Product Key:


What’s New?

  • This month’s update is bug fixes only.
  • Thanks for using OneNote! We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimizations to help improve your note-taking experience.
  • Having trouble? Send feedback in the app (OneNote->Settings->Send Feedback)
  • Have an idea? Add to our feature suggestion box at

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