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Find Any Save Game Location Easily after following a few simple steps. This is a very easy and detailed video guide tutorial that can be used to get any game save folder location. Many peoples install their games in different directories. Therefore their game save folder location is different. If you want to download game save files for any game to skip or play any mission of your choice and you have no idea how to deal with save files or where to copy those files. Because you don’t know the save game path folder location. Don’t worry you are at the right place.

Cloud syncing is ideal. If a game syncs its save files with a cloud service, it handles the backup and restores the process on its own. Unless something goes wrong, the game will automatically back up your saved games to the cloud and restore them to other computers, so you don’t have to worry about it. First and foremost, you should identify if a game syncs its own saves before bothering to back up its game saves. If you’re using Steam, click the “List View” icon at the top-right corner and look for the cloud icon. Games with the cloud icon next to them use Steam Cloud to sync their saves, while games without the cloud icon do not.

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Whether you’re switching to a new PC, reinstalling Windows, or just ensuring you don’t lose hours of gameplay if your hard drive dies, you’ll want to make sure your save games are properly backed up. Quite a few games support save-game syncing via the cloud, but many games — especially older ones — do not. You’ll need to back up and restore they are saving files on your own. As games scatter their saves all over your hard drive — there’s no one standard location — this can be very inconvenient and tedious.

GameSave Manager is a free program that contains a database of games and their save game locations. It can scan your computer for installed games and their associated saves, displaying them in a list. With a few clicks, you can select the games you care about and back up their saved games to a single file. This file can be restored on another computer with GameSave Manager, putting all the saved games back in their correct location. Without GameSave Manager, this would require locating a game’s save files on your hard drive and backing them up manually, then restoring the individual files to their correct locations.

Find Any Save Game Location Easily Download

Games that don’t perform cloud syncing still put their saved games in a specific folder. With symbolic links, it’s possible to place your save game folders in a cloud storage folder — such as on Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive — and create a symbolic link to that new folder at the original location. This effectively tricks the game into storing its saved games in a cloud storage folder, so they’ll be synced along with all your other files. You could do this yourself by following our guide to creating symbolic links on Windows. However, GameSave Manager also includes a tool that will quickly do this for you. Just click the Sync and Link option and select the game saves you want to store in your cloud storage folder.

But cheats aren’t entirely gone! Since computers and game consoles are so closely linked now, it’s rather easy to connect the console’s storage medium to a computer and gain access to its data. This provides write access, and with write access we can edit the files and manipulate the data inside of them, potentially scoring ourselves a million Septims in Skyrim. Today’s Null Byte covers a simple, universal way that you can hack your game saves. However, some game saves cannot be hacked easily, because the developers will sometimes put encryption in place to prevent gamers from modifying online stats and other global statistics.


A saved game consists of two parts:

  • An unstructured binary blob – this data can represent whatever you choose, and your game is responsible for parsing and writing to it.
  • Structured metadata – additional properties associated with the binary data that allow Google Play games services to visually present Saved Games in the default Saved Games list user interface (UI), and to present useful information in the Google Play Games app (for example, last updated timestamp).

A game can write an arbitrary number of Saved Games for a single player, subject to user quota, so there is no hard requirement to restrict players to a single save file.

The Saved Games service provides a visual user experience in addition to persistence features. You are strongly encouraged to associate representative images with corresponding save files. If you are using the default Saved Games list user interface (UI) provided by the Play Games SDK in your game, the UI will display these cover images. The cover images may also appear in the Google Play Games app.

You can provide a short text description of the content of a particular saved game. This description is directly displayed to players and should summarize the state that the saved game represents; for example, “Fighting the Goblins in the Dark Woods”.

Developers are not charged for any saved game data that’s stored in the cloud. Instead, this data is counted against the player’s Google Drive quota – you never have to worry about it. The only quota that game developers need to care about is their Google Drive API quota.

All Saved Games are stored in your players’ Google Drive Application Data Folder. This folder can only be read and written by your game – it cannot be viewed or modified by other developers’ games, so there is additional protection against data corruption. In addition, Saved Games are insulated from direct tampering by players so they cannot modify individual Saved Games.

Your game can still read and write to a saved game when the player’s device is offline, but will not be able to sync with Google Play games services until network connectivity is established. Once reconnected, Google Play games services asynchronously updates the saved game data on Google’s servers.


When using the Saved Games service, your game may encounter conflicts when attempting to save data. These conflicts can occur when a user is running more than one instance of your application on different devices or computers. Your application must be able to resolve these conflicts in a way that provides the best user experience.

Typically, data conflicts occur when an instance of your application is unable to reach the Saved Games service while attempting to load data or save it. In general, the best way to avoid data conflicts is to always load the latest data from the service when your application starts up or resumes, and save data to the service with reasonable frequency. However, it is not always possible to avoid data conflicts. Your application should make every effort to handle conflicts such that your users’ data is preserved and that they have a good experience.

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